Wonder Woman Phone Wallpapers by Cliff Chiang


I recently started reading some of the collected editions of comics featuring Wonder Woman. As a female character and role model, Wonder Woman has always been controversial even from her inception; she was created by Moulston Martin, the inventor of the lie detector, and someone who help the interesting belief that women would someday dominate men.

Classically, is she a strong female character? In the pro category, she is a but kicking Amazon who has her own agency and (generally) doesn’t look to a man to save her or solve her problems. On the con category, she fights injustice in what amounts to knee high boots and a one piece bathing suit which can be sexual, and she tends toward the ‘female written as male’ trope. There is a great documentary on the role of Wonder Woman, and I agree with their conclusion: she is a barometer of women’s rights. When women are oppressed as a society, Wonder Woman is oppressed. When women are sexualized, she is sexualized. When women are treated awesomely, she is awesome.

What isn’t in question is how the new (post New 52) run of Wonder Woman comics is amazing. These are written by Brian Azzarello, and featuring amazing art by Cliff Chiang. She is that strong female character most of us believe she can be.

Cliff Chiang’s art is great, and is an influence the art in The Neverborn Saga. It is simple, with amazing colour and space composition, and iconic. I have it on my phone, so I thought you, the fans, might want it on your phone.

Here are phone backgrounds for phones like the iPhone, iPhone 6S plus, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note, Motorola X Play, and many other phones. Just click the phone, or the appropriate link below the phone image.

Here are the Wonder Woman phone wallpapers: