Most Shared Literature Articles of the Week – V

Wonder Woman getting sucked into a portal with Orion

Here are the articles about books that had the most shares on on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ during the week of September 20th, 2015. The most popular article is up front, and then go down in number os shares as you keep reading. Is this interesting to you? Then please write a comment on this post or share this article on Twitter and / or Facebook.

21 Books From The Last 5 Years That Every Woman Should Read
By Nina Bahadur, Huffington Post

‘Harry Potter’ Candles Collect The Magical Scents Of The Books’ Biggest Characters
By Julianne Adams, Pixable

Artist Creates Adult Coloring Books And Sells More Than A Million Copies
By Dovas, Bored Panda

Reading On A Screen Before Bed Might Be Killing You
By Damon Beres, Huffington Post

Boy Who Couldn’t Afford Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read; Mailman Responds Spectacularly
By Ryan Grenoble, Huffington Post

Bonus: The feature image of this post is Wonder Woman art by Cliff Chiang. Want this piece or some other awesome Wonder Woman for your phone wallpaper? Check out our post about Wonder Woman phone backgrounds.

‘Wonder Woman #14’
by Cliff Chiang