Hello world! Website now up.

Computer with The Neverborn Saga website on the screen

The website is up and running!

This is actually v3.0 of the website, but the original was just a temporary “instapage” to hold the domain, and the second iteration was never what we intended to stay with. But the site you are browsing here will be The Neverborn Saga’s home for many years. It is pretty and responsive, meaning it will look good on anything from a desktop computer to a phone.

What can you do here now? Well there is original art from the series as well as information about the series, Book One: Tessellation, and the author / illustrator (Colin Finkle) on the home page. You can browse the information on the encyclopedia page, and get to know the unique terms and items in the Neverborn universe. You can link to our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter. Read the blog… hey your already here! But most importantly to help the series out, you can sign up for our email updates.

We have many plans for the future. We are going to have question and answer sessions with Colin, share playlists of music that inspired The Neverborn Saga, and eventually sell the ebook, physical book and exclusive merchandise.

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