Book One: Tesselation

Neverborn Saga Book One Tesselation mockupDefying the perfect society.

Krys Evergale is a mostly normal girl on an extraordinary planet. The planet Ong used to be the shinning star of the galaxy a few millennia ago; Ong’s philosophers, artists and scientists were known as the greatest minds in the traveled universe. Their ideas were the foundation of the republic that stood for thousands of years before that. This would still be the case had it not been for The Great Schism, the end of a war that left the galaxy without the fuel to travel star system to star system. Racism, poverty, disease were all things of the past on the idilic Ong.

“No one understands why you chose to specialize in historical combat,” Dronka said. […]

“A decision no one need to understand except for me,” Krys countered.

Krys was never one to go with the crowd. She was teased by her friends for studying historical articles about martial arts and combat as her self study, but most people in the Ongish society let her do her thing. That was until her mother took ill, and it was clear that she was the only one who could see what was happening. How can you convince a righteous society of your point of view when they don’t see what you see?

“I am not crazy,” Krys stated.

“No one is saying you are,” Whia said with her hands out, palms facing Krys. [… Whia’s] mouth was saying Krys wasn’t crazy but her body and body language sure wasn’t.

“I saw something in there,” Krys said. “Mom’s skin burst into triangular shapes and she clearly was in a lot of pain. Tell me you saw that!”

Krys finds herself on the outside of her own culture. Struggles ensue, and in the midst of betrayal, chases, altercations, she is forced to look deep inside herself. Forces conspire against her, and what she discovers both about herself and her culture will change her perspective forever.


Science Fiction

The Neverborn Saga is set in the far future. Interstellar space travel was common place across the galaxy but no more. Ong is cut off. Three species remain: humans, Tronkans and the Ouix. Tronkans are burley, stubborn, fiercely loyal people with thick grey hides, thick fingers, and a trunk. The Ouix are dainty, intelligent, polite, and tall; they are invertebrates but prefer to keep a humanoid form as to make their fellow Ong citizens feel comfortable.


The first book of The Neverborn Saga introduces the omni-tool: a new and exciting concept to science fiction. The omni-tool is a rod which can unite ionized particles into any shape to make tools. It comes with rules though; the Ancestors, the deities of Ong, choose the manifested tool to fit the task, and the projection is only as strong as your will to complete the task. Krys discovers that her omni-tool can be used as a weapon to defend herself. She uses it as a grapple, projectile, bowstaff and warhammer all on her swashbuckling adventure.

Full Story

Book 1: Tesselation doesn’t leave you This is the beginning of The Neverborn Saga, but it features a complete story. There is a beginning, a middle and an end, and answers the questions: does Krys save her mother? And what is turly at the heart of the Ong society? Through this adventure, we learn about Krys who will be featured in the following books in The Neverborn Saga.

All Ages

There is no cursing, and no explicit sexual content in Book 1: Tesselation, nor any future book in the series. The book does have physical and verbal character on character fights.


Available soon

Author and Illustrator: Colin Finkle
Word Count: 72,000
Illustrations: 6 black and white, plus cover in colour.

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