Book One: Tesselation


Neverborn Saga Book One Tesselation mockupDefying the perfect society.

The planet Ong was the shining star of the galaxy. It’s utopian meritocratic society celebrates it’s citizens almost as much as the community they make up. Philosophy, science, art all flourish. What a place to grow up in! It was, for Krys Evergale, until her mother turned ill and she could no longer trust her society to do what needed to be done to save her. What happens when such a culture is defied? Mysterious forces conspire, and Krys has to learn that where she grew up may be nothing like she thought. A torn Krys finds herself tasked with not only saving her mother, but the Ong culture itself.


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Author and Illustrator: Colin Finkle
Word Count: 72,000
Illustrations: 6 black and white, plus cover in colour.


Book Two: Encapsulation

 To be announced soon

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